Star Venues



Star Venues is a family of venues created by close friends and FC mates on Midgardsormr. Founders Bella and Jassa from FallingStarKingdom (STAR) joined forces with Astral, Asuna, and Stabby from Starlight Revelry (Star!) to bring their vision of a SFW RP-friendly community to life. Today they run multiple venues which operate on various days of the week and offer a variety of themes and atmospheres.


1. CONDUCT: Be respectful to each other. Harassment and public aggression are not tolerated. If management needs to be notified for player conduct that is against venue/FC rules or TOS, please use the #contact-staff channel and provide all relevant evidence.2. CONTENT: All Star Venues and the Star Venues FC is strictly SFW. Keep NSFW content to tells/DMs or in different Discord servers. Regarding SFW images, if the image is inappropriate to view in an office setting, it's NSFW.3. ADVERTISEMENT: Personal advertisements and the advertisements of other venues or discord servers are prohibited, unless you are partnered with Star Venues. To become a partner, please contact management.4. MODERATION: Failure to adhere to rules will result in disciplinary action at the discretion of Star Venues staff. Disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to: blacklisting from venues, server ban, or dismissal from the Star Venues FC.5. RESPONSIBILITY: Actions of players that go against rules outside of a Star Venue or the Star Venues discord is not the responsibility of Star Venues to take action. If you encounter an issue, we recommend the following:
- If you have an issue with another player, blacklist them in-game and block/mute them on discord
- If you encounter an issue at another venue not owned by Star Venues, please contact their staff.


*The days and times below are the usual schedule, but please check party finder for openings.*


Brunch house

Empyreum, Ward 3, Plot 50
Check party finder for openings

Gold Star Saloon

Western-themed bar

Mist, Ward 12, Sub Apt #39
This venue is only open for special events and rental.

Star HQ

Luxury lounge and casino

Empyreum, Ward 3, Plot 51
Friday 10pm - 12am CST


Patrons can support Star Venues by donating gil. Donations are used to fund discord giveaways and tournament pool prizes. As a sponsor you will receive a discord role once you've achieved a donation milestone as well as additional perks.Discord Role
Platinum Sponsor: 100m gil
Gold Sponsor: 50m gil
Silver Sponsor: 25m gil
Bronze Sponsor: 15m gil
Sponsors must redeem their prizes.
- One free custom pose per month, solo or with a staff member of choice with their approval (SFW poses only)
- One free 500k gil bet per night at Star HQ Casino
- 50% off services at Restorative Therapy


Star Venues partners with other venue entities to offer our patrons a variety of RP experiences. Below is a list of partnered venues.

The Crimson Lotus
Aether // Cactuar
Mist, Ward 4, Plot 32
Thursdays 11pm - 3am EST

Endless Nights Events
Chaos & Light Data Centers

Aether // Adamantoise
Mist, Ward 5, Plot 45
Saturday 11:59pm - 4am EST
Sunday 10pm - 2am EST


For business inquiries, please join the Star Venues Discord and submit a ticket via the #contact-staff channel.Venue Management & FC Officers
Astral Yume
Asuna Tsuki
Bella Moon
Jassa Jaeha
Stabby Tabby
Triston Caladbolg